Giving Back

At Artbotic, we believe we can improve people's lives through business. Our team is focused on making the world a better place and supporting those in need, as we know that every effort to do so (large and small) can have a profound, positive impact.  Accordingly, in addition to producing High Quality, Eco-Friendly Art, we frequently run programs to give back and help others.  Current and past programs include:

One-for-One Program

Artbotic's Buy One, Give One canvases that provide canvases to after-school programs in the US

We donated canvas and art supplies for every Artbotic piece bought to needy children in South America. Our 16"X12" canvas panels allow children to paint and experience a creativity that they otherwise may not be privileged to. 


Art Classes for Underprivileged Youth

Artist Michael Lucky teaching kids at an after-school program how to create pop art

Some of our amazing artist have worked with us to put on numerous classes around Los Angeles and Orange Counties to teach underprivileged youth about art and techniques.  During these classes, we provide all kids with the necessary materials and supplies to explore their imagination in creating inspiring pieces of art.  We plan to one day offer a collection of these kids' work.


Wounded Warrior Project

Artbotic is a supporter of the Wounded Warriors Project

We give 10% of all proceeds from our Patriot Collection to the Wounded Warriors Project which serves veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness or wound during their military service.